Finally! Easy Tagging, Automations, Lists, And Custom Fields Based On The Percentage Of A Video Watched Without Complicated Code For A Low, One-Time Investment And NO Recurring Fees...
You have 30 days to test the AC Video Tracker plugin and get 100% of your money back.

From: Big Jason Henderson, Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant

To: My fellow ActiveCampaign User

I've known exactly how long my prospects and customers have watched my videos with ActiveCampaign tags for over a year.

Now, it's your turn!
Stop guessing and start tagging and triggering automations based on what your subscribers actually watch...
  • Tagging - Easily tag your subscribers based on how much of each video they watch...
  • Automations - Add subscribers to specific automations to follow up with them...
  • Lists - Segment certain subscribers onto different lists based on how much of a video they watch...
  • Custom Fields - Add specific values to custom fields based on how much they watch...
  • Events - Automatically log tracking events for each video.
  • And the AC Video Tracker plugin works with...
YouTube, Wistia, And Vimeo
  • You can pass your subscriber's email address OR the contact ID...
  • Works on Wordpress posts and pages...
  • Bonus: It will also work on .html and custom .php pages on same domain.
  • All you need is the video ID to start tracking your video...
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AC Video Tracker Wordpress Plugin
No risk for you. I'm offering a...
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Install the plugin, start tagging based on the percentage of video watched, and follow up accordingly. If after 30 days, you're not thrilled, let me know for a 100% refund. You can email me at bigjason at, Skype me @ bigmarketing, or call me at (650) 843-9170.
Is there a recurring monthly charge?
No, this is a one-time fee.
Will it work without Wordpress?
Yes, it will work outside of your Wordpress posts and pages on individual .html and .php pages with simple copy and paste code. However, it must be on the same domain. This is a Wordpress plugin. Cross-domain functionality is a feature to be added later and included in your purchase.
Will it work with Vimeo Pro?
Yes, it works with all versions of Vimeo.
Are updates free for life?
Yes and no. The current version is 1.1.48. Updates from this version up to 1.9.99 will be free. 
What about support?
Basic support is included to help you get the plugin working. Some example automations will be provided as well. 
Will it work with my Wordpress membership plugin?
Yes. It will work inside your Wordpress membership pages with no problem using a shortcode you can copy and paste.
What if I don't like it or can't get it working?
Yes. It will work inside your Wordpress membership pages with no problem using a shortcode you can copy and paste.
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